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Texas Shuffle Workshop

Join Ross Blythe and Sarah Lokay to learn about this great dance that's called Texas Shuffle, but may or may not actually be from Texas!

Hour 1: Shuffle Basics
What is Texas Shuffle? Where did it come from? Come learn the basics of Texas shuffle, from the music that makes it happen, to the shuffle step that gives this dance its name.

Hour 2: Compression & Leverage--Shuffle Style
Texas Shuffle plays with our understandings of compression and leverage, and being able to wield both allows for a partnership to play beyond flashy footwork. This class will focus on how to use compression and leverage, and how it plays into the quintessential, Texas Shuffle look.

Hour 3: All the Flash
Texas Shuffle allows for a great deal of expression and creativity: especially in footwork! Come learn how to bring all the footwork flash, and incorporate it into your Texas Shuffle.

Saturday October 28th
Big City Swing 1012 W Randolph
$40.00 US